Informal Logic 101: How to Think and Argue Better, Part 9

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.”  — Socrates

Only two fallacies on the docket today, but they are biggies!

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I’m sure you have heard the term, “It’s apples and oranges.” Maybe you have used it, yourself. When Person A says this to Person B, it might be the case that Person B has made an explicit comparison between two things, in which case Person A believes that the things in question are not sufficiently alike to warrant Person B’s comparison in support of his case. A timely example of this might go as follows:

“Person A: How can you be against same-sex marriage? It’s like being against mixed-race marriages, which everyone knows was bigoted and unconstitutional. Miscegenation laws were repealed and so should bans on same-sex marriage.

Person B: That reasoning doesn’t fly. It’s apples and oranges.

Person A: Why do you say that?

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Youth Ministry & Youth Culture – White Horse Inn

What are the assumptions about “youth” in our time, and how do those assumptions differ from what we find in Scripture? How are today’s kids ghettoized by technology and social media? In a time of perpetual adolescence, how should we form our children to become mature adults? In order to discuss these important questions, Michael Horton talks with T. David Gordon, author of Why Johnny Can’t Preach, as we conclude our series on Youth Ministry.

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Giving Up Gimmicks – White Horse Inn

If you visit a typical youth program at an average evangelical church, you’ll no doubt observe a number of fun and entertaining activities. Yet most Christian teens are ignorant about the basic message of Scripture, and most statistics show that a great majority of them will abandon church after high school. On this program, Michael Horton discusses this issue with special guest Brian Cosby, author of Giving Up Gimmicks: Reclaiming Youth Ministry from an Entertainment Culture (original air date, May 6, 2012).

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