Machen’s “Christianity and Liberalism” — Free eBook

John Hendrix at is making available a free eBook edition of J. Gresham Machen’s classic text Christianity and Liberalism.

This is one of those texts all Reformed Christians should read at least once.  Here it is, for free.  No excuses!

Christianity and Liberalism Free eBook

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Was Jesus Buried in the Talpiot Tomb?: A Summary of Arguments-BiblePlaces Blog

Was Jesus Buried in the Talpiot Tomb?: A Summary of Arguments

BiblePlaces Blog / by Todd Bolen

(by Ryan Jaroncyk)

As a layman, I have followed the “Jesus Family Tomb” and “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” Ossuary controversies fairly closely since 2007. In an attempt to bring greater clarity to those of us who are not archaeological, biblical, or philosophical scholars, I have composed lists summarizing what appear to be the pros and cons of each position. All of my research was conducted online and focused on reading scholarly blogs and magazine articles, scholars’ personal websites, book excerpts, and popular science and news media sources

Worth the time to read and ponder.

The Heresy of Indifference

The Heresy of Indifference, by Burk Parsons

Indifference about doctrine is the mother of every heresy in all of history, and in our day indifference about doctrine is spreading like wildfire in the pulpits and pews of our churches. Ironically, the assertion that doctrine doesn’t matter is in fact a doctrine in itself.

The Work of the Spirit – White Horse Inn

The Work of the Spirit White Horse Inn


Who is the Holy Spirit and what is the nature of his work? Justin Holcomb joins the panel for this new series as the hosts begin with a discussion of the purpose of signs and wonders throughout redemptive history. Should we expect to see spectacular miracles or does the Spirit work primarily through providence in our time? Why does Jesus say that it’s a wicked generation that seeks after signs and wonders? That’s the focus of this edition of White Horse Inn.

Free (for February 2015) R.C. Sproul’s “Everyone’s a Theologian”

Everyone’s a Theologian, R.C. Sproul MP3 is giving away free copies (audiobook) of R.C. Sproul’s Everyone’s a Theologian this month (February 2015).

Get your copy now at

You can pick up a paper, electronic or audio copy of the book at Amazon later. Everyone’s A Theologian ( affiliate link.)

Teach these great truths to trustworthy people who are able to pass them on to others.

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