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The State of Youth Ministry – White Horse Inn

Is your church’s youth group part of the problem, or part of the solution? To help answer this question, Mike and Kim discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of contemporary models of youth ministry with the help of Alex Chediak, author of Preparing Your Teens for College, and Ryan Roach, a youth pastor in San Diego, and creator of a blog titled,Youth Ministry Reformation.


Youth Ministry in Crisis – White Horse Inn

According to the most conservative estimates, over 60 percent of those raised in evangelical homes end up leaving church at age 18. In some case the estimates range as high as 90 percent. So what are we doing wrong? Why are we failing to pass the faith on the next generation, and what should churches and parents do to address this crisis? To help answer these questions, Michael Horton talks with J.I. Packer, Christian Smith, Thomas Bergler, Kenda Creasy Dean, and others, as we introduce our new series on Youth Ministry. We’re making our extended version available free of charge for this program. To regularly recieve longer versions of each broadcast, visit the support tab at whitehorseinn.org.